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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Megan Dixon

I always forget about this thing! I write down in my own journal what i want to say and then i totally forget to put it in here. I guess I can write down some things from my handwritten journal to make up for my lack of postings.

In class we 've been talking about women sportscasters. I've been watching the world series intensly and I started noticing some of the thing things we talked about. Like how the women have to be beyond gorgeous to even sit at the desk. Their hair has to be perferct and there's no possible way that they could be remotely overweight. But even though they look the way they do and they may even have a lot of knowledge on the subject, most of the men on the shows lightly brush off what the women have to say. I think it's great that these women are doing what they are doing because it helping women advance in places people once thought they had no place in. I guess what bothers me is that they have to look the way they do to even be heard, but even though they are heard it's they're thoughts are not processed.

Halloween's events were spectacular. Seeing what everyone dresses up as is always fun. This year there seemed to be a lot more politcal costumes. I saw one person dressed as hurricane katrina and another as a hurricane katrina survivor. to me this is hilarious because there has been so much coverage on katrina for the last 3 months. another person had the infamous quote from kanye west on the back of a t-shirt. "george bush doesnt care about black people." i know that the governments efforts for relief were not the most organized but to say that is a little much. i'm glad other people can make light of this situation.

So lately all i've been hearing about is this Proposition 2 thing. It's really starting to bother me. I dont enjoy people pushing their ideas on me and making think what they think. It's one thing to present the material of both sides and have me make an educated decision, but it is another thing to tell me to vote against it just because you want me to. Gay marriage is a touchy subject and will be for quite some time. People are stuck in their ways and it's hard to change someone's mind. I dont think pushing this info on others is really the best way to handle things. It makes them abrasive and upset. So if anyone wants me to vote on something like this, give me some unbiased material and i'll choose on my own. thank you.

For Thanksgiving I went down to the little town of Pawnee, TX to visit my grandmother. She is 86 years old and therefore grew up during rough times. It's so interesting talking to her because she lives this secluded life with minimal access to current events. I'm always taken aback when she refers to black people as niggers. It bothers me so much that she hasn't moved with the times. It's so clear to see the changes in people's attitudes from her years to mine, and even my mother's.

Christmas is quickly approaching and television ads are filling up timeslots. I think the most interesting one as of yet is the Victoria's Secret commercial. In the background is this soft instrumental classic christmas song and the visual is scantily clad women. Lingerie is the reason for the season! I think Victoria's Secret commercials would be much better if they showed maybe a before and after of a women in their undergarments. I know after watching Oprah's bra intervention I hurridly went out to make sure i was wearing the right size so that my clothes would look their best. The undergarments that are advertised do not say "this is right for your body type" they say "this is what you should wear for sex" and that's just not right.

Monday, October 31, 2005

i havent updated in a long time even though there are so many things that i have to say on this thing. i just never have time to write on this. and i always think of something when i'm not near a computer. but tonight i was playing on the internet and looking at different sites when i found this.

i dont really know where to begin. it seems like as a white person, i'm not allowed to say anything negative in response to this in fear of being called racist. i dont think it's fair. I know that when i wake up in the morning, i dont think of ways i can kill the black man. i shouldnt be blamed for what others do and have done.

Friday, September 30, 2005

After talking a lot about how people are described, I've noticed myself watching television and movies a lot closer to see how they portray characters. The other day I watched a film that had a white woman wearing a fur coat with a bloomingdales bag in hand. Obiously she was wealthy. There were also several scruffy black men wearing cut off gloves, and layers of clothes, and obviously they were homelss. There were no white homeless men or even women, and there were no wealthy black people. I'm guessing it was like that to get the point across easily, but it's a shame that as an audience we have that quick response that make directors and writers use these descriptions.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I think it is so interesting to see the reaction to Hurricane Rita compared to Hurricane Katrina. It's obvious that most people learned a lesson from Katrina because of the mass evacuation on Thursday. However, I still think that we are in need of a lot more organization of emergencies. What happened on Thursday was ridiculous. I have a sister that lives in Houston and for her to get from the west side of Houston to Longview, which is in East Texas, took her 31 hours. 31 hours! She was forced to pull over into Kroger parking lot at 2:30 a.m. to rest and let traffic die down. She was worried about running out of gas and I even called around to the gas stations in the area she was in to see if any of them actually had gas. But they didn't.

Hopefully FEMA and other local officials will be better prepared if there are any more natural disasters that harm our country.